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Affordable Answering Service Solutions

Our affordable receptionist services help your UK business present a professional image to the world. Let our telephonists see to it that all your calls are answered promptly and efficiently.

Our friendly receptionists are experienced and trained professionals who can handle every one of your calls with the utmost competence and in accordance with your specific instructions.

Our cloud based service will allow you to stay securely connected with your staff by personally transferring your calls or instantly delivering your messages to you via email or SMS.

We are here to help. We can answer all or just some of your incoming calls. When you sign up you tell us the custom greeting that you want us to use and the departments and people that you want us to answer calls for.

By using our service you can save a significant amount on having an in-house receptionist. Some customers report saving as much as 40% off their current costs. Why not try us out for 7 days at no cost to you.

We are so confident in our service that we will even give you 50% off for the first months retainer.

Telephone Answering Services

Our receptionists are local UK workers who understand the UK business environment. Unlike some of our competitors we only employ on-shore receptionists. This means that the person answering your calls will be more familiar with your area of business than someone sitting in a call centre in Asia. We love what we do and have developed a bespoke virtual receptionist system that is focused on delivering value to you our customer. We answer calls for thousands of customers across London, the UK, Australia and the USA. Why not sign up for your own plan

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Virtual Assistant

Our Virtual Assistant service provides your company with a telephone presence that can do far more than welcome callers. Our virtual assistants can save you a lot of time. They can take the load off you for all of those time consuming admin and sales admin tasks. We charge by the minute so you only pay for what you use. Getting yourself a virtual assistant to take care of some of those more mundane tasks makes really good business sense and gives you the opportunity to focus on the more strategic aspects of your business.

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0800 And Local Phone Numbers

Need to get yourself a local London phone number for your business? AnsweringService.London can help. We stock a huge variety of local telephone numbers that are available to be allocated instantly to our customers. The telephone number that is allocated to you will be the phone number that we answer (and the number that we associate with your business). If your business is a recent start up then this will give you the opportunity to advertise this phone number to your potential customers, you can make use of it on your website, have it printed on your business cards as well as using it in your promo material. For established firms with an existing phone number you will simply need to divert your existing number to the number that we have provided.

It's a well known fact that a significant proportion of purchasers will want to deal with a local business. Getting a local phone number from AnsweringService.London allows you to look like a local business wherever you have those numbers.

In other situations you may want your firm to look as though it is a national firm. In these situations it probably makes sense to set up an 0800 number for your business. The way this is managed from our point of view is very similar to the way it would work with a local number, ie, you use the number on your website, marketing material and business cards and then that is the number that we answer for you.

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Signing up for a receptionist service from AnsweringService.London makes a lot of good financial sense. At the end of the day, what is your time worth as a leader in your business. It probably makes a lot more sense for you to be spending your time building your business and caring for your customers than simply sitting there and answering the phones. Our service is affordable and reliable. It really does make sense.

It's not just the time that you spend answering that call. If the task that you were working on is quite difficult or complex then it could take you ages to get back in the groove and by that stage you could have another call coming through. Why not simply leave it to the professionals.

It might not just be your train of thought that you lose. What's the bet that your caller hears the annoyance in your voice. Callers are usually pretty quick when it comes to tone of voice and quite quickly a potential customer becomes a non existent customer.

How many times have you had multiple calls coming through at the same time. Which one do you answer? You could be answering the one from the Indian telemarketer while the potential customer goes through to your automated answering service. And you know what people think of automated services! More than 60% of people will hang up rather than leave a message!

Setting up your new telephone answering service couldn't be easier. When you sign up for our service you will be allocated a specific telephone number. You can then either use this telephone number as your main number or redirect your existing number to this number. This telephone number can either be a local number or an 800 number. You then tell us what you want us to say when answering your calls and whether you want to receive messages by text message or email. You are now ready to go.

By outsourcing your receptionist role you basically swap a fixed cost with a variable cost. No more worrying about Christmas holiday cover or what to do when people are sick. Also, when you get really busy during marketing promotions etc we can add additional receptionists almost instantly to ensure that none of your calls are missed.

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