Virtual Assistant Services

At Answering Service London, we can offer you a quality Virtual Assistant service on a pay as you go basis. We find that this is a billing method that will save you money. Because you get charged by the minute --- and we never start the clock until someone actually calls -- you don't have to pay for services that you don't actually receive. Read on to get more information about our cost-effective alternative to hiring yourself a full-time member of staff or if you currently have a full time receptionist you can use our service for overflow work or for when she/he can't answer the calls (eg. if your inhouse staff are at lunch or on leave or potentially when they call in sick!).

Virtual Assistant Service Features

Our state of the art cloud based service delivers the absolute best features of 21st century technology to you and your business, making you more effective in our highly competitive marketplace. The select services that we combine to make up this suite of offerings include;

Telephone Call Answering

Just like when you sign up for an answering service, a live expert receptionist can field your incoming calls, they can forward messages to you by sms or email and can transfer callers to your nominated number or handle your calls in whatever manner you would like to specify. Our professional assistants also are likely to make your callers think that you have your own personal assistant who is handling your business affairs (like a high level /EA). You can trust us to deliver an executive level experience to your callers.

Information Gathering

When callers enquire about different products or services, your VA can acquire all sorts of additional information and can accurately update your databases (via web forms) with all of that vital information that you will need for an effective follow-up. Having instantly available relevant data will allow you to seize the opportunity immediately. It will also increase the likelihood of a favourable business outcome. Why not give our Virtual Assistant service the chance to show the difference that having a skilled and persuasive information collector can have on your business.

Enquiry Handling

Being able to effectively handle customer enquiries is important for any small business. Your customers questions will be in good hands with your virtual assistant at the other end of the phone. When you enlist Answering Service London to interact with your customers you can be quite confident that your customer will get the right message. Your VA will gather the information you require, just as you direct, taking the pressure off you and letting you focus your time on building your business strategically. Takl to our team about this vital business enhancing portion of our service.

EA Level Support

At Answering Service London, we have built our services to provide the best that technology has to offer in the Executive Assistant arena. If you are looking for a virtual assistant in the UK then contact us now to get more information about how our service can provide EA level support to your business, allowing you to focus on high value tasks like Sales and Customer Service while we supplement your team by performing important, but more routine tasks.

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