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If you are currently leaving potentially critical calls to go through to an automated answering service then you are risking losing potential new customers. Research conducted in the UK showed that more than 70% of callers would simply hang up when confronted with an automated system. What they do next unfortunately is ring the next number down the list. Having an automated system really is hit or miss phone coverage. The good news is however that Answering Service London can offer a flexible month to month telephone plan that is customised to suit the individual needs of your business. Our world class Answering Service London service can range from a full 24/7 service to as little as just a one call a day or a one hour per day service which just relieves your in house receptionists during their lunch break. Whatever you need, whether it is round the clock coverage or simply overflow assistance our service can help you out. Answering Service London is here to make all your telephone answering dreams come true. Protect the business that is generating your revenue. Call our toll free number now to set up your service or head over to our signup page and fill out the form, which takes just 30 seconds during the FREE trial setup process.

Our Answering Service Team

The Answering Service London team consists of professional and experienced receptionists who are committed to providing you our customer with a friendly and efficient processing of all of your critical and not so critical business telephone calls. Our expert team is ready to follow your instructions, answering your incoming calls in the manner that you have prescribed. When you need that friendly voice on the end of the line, coupled with our expert handling of all of your calls, think Answering Service London. Our team of business focussed telephonists look forward to providing the best possible solution to your daily phone communication needs. Through their expert approach, they can remove that burden of phone call monitoring from your shoulders and the shoulders of your staff. Our team of professionals are located in the UK. While it could be cheaper and more profitable for us to make use of overseas call centre staff we think that the quality of service would drop significantly if we were to outsource our calls to India or South East Asia. We also believe that our local UK receptionists have a better understanding of the local UK business environment and the general business issues that could be facing your local UK based business.

How Answering Service London Service Works

When you sign up for our no obligation SEVEN Day FREE Trial, you'll take customer service excellence to a whole new level within your company. After the end of your free trial period, you will be able to elect to upgrade to a paid package however you will not be locked in to a long term contract. When you make the decision to upgrade you will be able to do so yourself using our admin system online or you can do so by calling our customer service representatives. Either way it is a simple and painless exercise. When you upgrade your package, you will keep the original phone number that we have assigned to you during the trial period.

At Answering Service London, we don't believe in long term contracts, huge set up fees, security deposits or cancellation fees. You are also free to upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time. As you can see, our Answering Service London service is a truly flexible solution for your business!

Your account will be updated with all of your call charges and activity in real time so you can always be aware of exactly how much you have spent and should never have the shock of receiving an "end of the month" surprise.

How We Answer Your Incoming Calls

Our trained telephonists can be available 24/7 to take your calls. Each and every call will be promptly answered by one of our receptionists, who will answer your calls in your firm's name with the custom greeting set by you. We are very happy to report to you that our receptionists answer 93% of those incoming customer calls in less than 10 seconds. These highly trained specialists then offer your caller friendly, helpful, and professional handling of that call. When you become an Answering Service London customer we know that you'll notice the difference!


Your incoming call will be able to find you anywhere when our professionla telephonists use your choice of the following call handling options;

Call Transfered to You

One option that you may select within our administration console is "Available For Call Transfer". When this option has been selected our receptionists will make use of your "Find Me" telephone numbers (home, hotel room, mobile No., office extension, etc.) to track you down and transfer the call. Based on the preferences that you have entered into the system the receptionist will either transfer the call to you or they will take a message. You are able to update the "Find Me" phone numbers at any time online.

Message Handling

When you are totally unavailable and want to take a call or when you are on a status of "Do Not Disturb", your professional receptionist can take a message for you and you will receive it almost immediately via email and/or SMS.

Call Transfers to Colleagues

Calls can also be transferred direct to a colleague or department (i.e. Accounts, Sales Support, IT), using your phone number directory as you choose to instruct.

Information Can Be Provided to Caller

Our professional telephonists are also able to provide your callers with the information that you have placed on file about your business (i.e. what your address is, what your business does, website, post box number, fax number etc. We can also notify your callers if you are away and when you are expected to return).

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So no matter whether you are located in London/UK or overseas, our Answering Service London receptionists are waiting to provide an expert level of service and to ensure that all of your incoming calls get answered promptly and professionally every time.

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One of the biggest complaints that we ever get from our customers is: "I really had no idea this service even existed, our callers think 'our receptionist' is actually sitting with us in our office. I wish we had discovered your Answering service years ago".

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